The gas Lock off incorporates a filter and is a high flowing lock off suitable for small 4 cylinder engines up to large V10 engines. It is available in 12 Volts and 24 Volts with terminal and/or plug connection.

The Petrol or Gasoline Lock off is also available in 12 Volts or 24 Volt solenoid variations. There are two models, PL30 has facility to screw in any size fittings. Straights or elbows 1/8 NPT thread and the PL40T Version that comes with 8mm diameter barbs and a manual override screw if there is an electrical fault, the vehicle can still be driven on Petrol/Gasoline.

The function of both LPGas and Petrol/Gasoline Lock Offs is when power is activated the solenoid will pull open a plunger and allow fuel to flow through when power is deactivated. It will close the plunger and lock off fuel flow to the engine.

The 50mm Ventilation Hose Flanges are availabin in single and double ended versions and also a Y version.