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Frequently Asked Questions

LPG, CNG, LNG Injectors

They can come in either 1 by themselves or 2, 3 or 4 together they have been designed to join each other.

Yes they can supply large 620 Horse Power motors and more as we manufacture and flow test them we can make them flow a lot higher than standard.

Try Opening the Injector a 2mm pin punch to push out mount pins and cleaning the injector as deposits from oil in gas may be building up in areas and decreasing flow and or stuck on seal and or seat when assembling pins use a 3mm pin punch and apply small amount of silicon on end of small diameter of pins then insert to housing again LPGas can vary from country to country and dirty fuel can cause issues on injectors as they are finely tuned and pulsate inside the injector millions of times at a small travel distance.

Yes in different color nozzles represent different size holes for flow variation.

Yes and rubber vibration mounts are available to mount onto the mount lugs on the injector.

LPG Reducer, Regulator

Yes it does as it works of engine Vacuum and has a 620 Plus Horse power capacity.

Yes available in both variations also available in 12 Volt and or 24 Volt.

Yes the temperature Sensor is available with the most common OHMS reading thermistor used worldwide and a lower 1.5 OHMS thermistor for Prins and BRC compatibility it is also available with the standard square plug and AMP oval plug.

Yes to suit 10mm, 12, 14 and 16mm inside diameter hoses.

Yes both repair kits and inlet replacement filters are available separately.

Yes the M7 is designed to withstand being on vehicles that do not turn off its unique design does not allow casting expansion to crush the rubber gaskets and its internal flow design allows it to heat the reducer in extreme cold conditions to still vaporize the LPG Liquid to a GAS.

Hydrostatic Tee valve

Yes as it has a spring check valve in each side it will drain both LPG tanks equally.

Yes European Certified Approval Number 67R – 0110319 CLASS 3 TO, MINUS 40 Degrees to + 120 Degrees.

3.1 Mpa and yes we can alter it to suit another pressure if required and approved by governing Authority’s.

LPG Filler Valves

Yes very easy, a whole saw for Panel fillers is drilled 65mm or 70mm depending on which model two small slots ground out to prevent spinning, and then position filler into hole tighten one nut done.

Yes all models European Approval number 67R — 0110318 CLASS 3 Minus 40 Degrees to + 120.